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Do you have an aftermarket DP? Yep
Which brand? VRSF 3"
Why? I bought it to extract more power and to complement my JB4 (and maybe a little bit for sound...can hear those turbo's more prominently now)
Do you get a drone with it? Nothing major with the stock exhaust.
Lastly, Are you happy with the purchase? Does the pope shit in the woods?
Is there a way to remove CEL error code without a tune? I had the DP's installed the same time i had the JB4 cant really answer that one.
Do you get alot of gargles? or pops?? i only get it when decelerating in first gear. Had that before the DP's were installed though...but again, might be abit more prominent now after having the DP's installed

I was also looking at the DP combo with a Remus Quad Exhaust later down the track. Haven't been in a car that drone's before, so cant tell yet if i'll be ok with the slight droning