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Originally Posted by Joe_L View Post
Do you have an aftermarket DP? Yep
Which brand? VRSF 3"
Why? I bought it to extract more power and to complement my JB4 (and maybe a little bit for sound...can hear those turbo's more prominently now)
Do you get a drone with it? Nothing major with the stock exhaust.
Lastly, Are you happy with the purchase? Does the pope shit in the woods?
Is there a way to remove CEL error code without a tune? I had the DP's installed the same time i had the JB4 cant really answer that one.
Do you get alot of gargles? or pops?? i only get it when decelerating in first gear. Had that before the DP's were installed though...but again, might be abit more prominent now after having the DP's installed

I was also looking at the DP combo with a Remus Quad Exhaust later down the track. Haven't been in a car that drone's before, so cant tell yet if i'll be ok with the slight droning
Thx for your input!

Initially I did look at VRSF but i came across AR design deal that's hard to refuse so ended up with them. Remus exhaust give it an aggressive sound over the stock. I love the exhaust and it's unique but the missus say it has to go so I'm selling

Without DP it hard gargle's but only slight. But with the exhaust and DP especially in the tunnels and car parks it gargles also . I don't know about you but the sound is quite addictive for me :P
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