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Originally Posted by blackturbo View Post
Thank you for posting this video.

That street the person in the video was talking about I am very familiar with, I'm a Vancouver local. Its ridiculous how low the speed limit is set. One day I got a ticket for going 61kms. Of course since that day, I'm always aware of that stretch. Each day that I drive through that stretch I might get high beamed at, honked, or at rare times an impatient driver gets fed up behind me and pulls a ricer fly by, mind you I keep at the center or right since i'm going to be driving like a sea turtle. Trust me it happens at times. It feels like you should be going atleast 70km or 80km.

The person in the video has done his research and I have to give him props. Its a logical argument...
Not too far off that stretch is another stretch where it has a 80km limit that turns into 50km. At that time when the city finished working the pavement a few years back, they did not post a 50km sign, I assumed it was 80km, and everyone else did for atleast 3 weeks, I mean EVERYONE was going 80km. I got clocked that day for 84km, the officer said I was excessively speeding. Give me a break... I had my cousins baby in the rear seat, you think I would excessively speed?!?! About a little more then a week later, the city posted a 50km sign. Load of crock...

I have to agree with the person in the video, the government has to look at the situation. But then again, who knows, all those tickets are generating a revenue for them.
I seriously laugh my ass off when I see people like this. I judge them as inferior, impatient, lower class human beings. Sometimes I'll get luck lucky and I'll see this special class of tool get pulled over by the cops a mile down the road

I'm like you - I'll always drive with the flow of traffic in the right (slow) lane these days because I'm not particularly interested in saving 3 minutes of my day traveling 20 or 30 MPH over the speed limit on a 50 MPH road versus 5-10 MPH over the speed limit (with the flow of traffic) or 0-5 MPH over the limit if I'm isolated and driving alone. Driving is so much simpler this way. I effectively decrease my chances of receiving a speeding ticket to 0. I pass by speed traps all the time. Cops never bother me, and I don't even have a radar detector or anything.