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Originally Posted by E902009 View Post
I do agree with what the video says, but, as a counter-argument, I'll use Texas as an example. parts of Texas freeways have a 80mph speed limit, and people still drive faster than that. It's pretty scary when you see a Dodge Ram barreling down the highway at 90mph+ passing by everyone else. The point is, if you raise the speed limit, people will just go faster. I don't think most U.S. drivers are capable of judging what speed is safe, and this can be seen in either sides of the spectrum: you have people going too damn fast in situations where it would be dangerous (fog, rain, moderately heavy traffic, etc) and people going too slow..

Did you actually watch the video? The video actually quotes a study done on the subject, which shows that drivers will drive whatever speed they are going to drive regardless of speed limit. Yes of course you will still have people that will go way over the limit, but the majority will just follow a comfortable speed. The small sample base that you have seen with your own eyes would pale in comparison to large study.

Ironically, Texas is one of the states used in these studies. And their accident rates are lower. But your statement really shows just how brain washed the average population actually is. It looks "scary" to you to see a vehicle travelling 90mph, but these studies are proving the exact opposite. It isn't dangerous. But it's that type of fear monger mind frame of the average population that keeps these ridiculous enforcement strategies in play.

Originally Posted by E902009 View Post
But I do agree that we need to raise the speed limit on most of the roads and highways, just not in school zones and residential areas. If they really want to make money on tickets, cops just need to camp out at school areas. Very seldom do I see people observe the 25mph limit when school is in session, especially in California.

If they want to make revenue from tickets, then all they have to do is ticket based on safety. I would support them to just jack the rate of a distracted driving ticket up to 500$ a pop. And then also charge those people with dangerous driving as well. They would be hitting 2 birds with one stone. You would be collecting lots of revenue, while simutaneously getting bad drivers off the road, or changing their behavior all together.

And while we are on the subject of revenue collection. If revenue is a real concern, then why not just raise everyones taxes 1%, and get rid of the police traffic division all together? Then you get rid of the huge overhead cost of the revenue collection.