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Originally Posted by Viktimize View Post
Did you actually watch the video? The video actually quotes a study done on the subject, which shows that drivers will drive whatever speed they are going to drive regardless of speed limit. Yes of course you will still have people that will go way over the limit, but the majority will just follow a comfortable speed. The small sample base that you have seen with your own eyes would pale in comparison to large study.

Ironically, Texas is one of the states used in these studies. And their accident rates are lower. But your statement really shows just how brain washed the average population actually is. It looks "scary" to you to see a vehicle travelling 90mph, but these studies are proving the exact opposite. It isn't dangerous. But it's that type of fear monger mind frame of the average population that keeps these ridiculous enforcement strategies in play.

So by not agreeing fully with you makes me brainwashed?! Yes, I did watch the entire video, and yes, I did take the time to digest the information. I'm simply playing devil's advocate here, and I don't think my concerns are completely invalid. All it takes is one asshole who tries to drive like he's got something to prove, and screws up in the process to cause a pileup, and an ugly one at that, since 80mph is pretty damn fast.

If they want to make revenue from tickets, then all they have to do is ticket based on safety. I would support them to just jack the rate of a distracted driving ticket up to 500$ a pop. And then also charge those people with dangerous driving as well. They would be hitting 2 birds with one stone. You would be collecting lots of revenue, while simutaneously getting bad drivers off the road, or changing their behavior all together.

And while we are on the subject of revenue collection. If revenue is a real concern, then why not just raise everyones taxes 1%, and get rid of the police traffic division all together? Then you get rid of the huge overhead cost of the revenue collection.
You can't get rid of traffic division altogether. While you could drastically reduce speeding tickets by implementing a better speed zoning laws, you still have other violations that are legitimately dangerous to everyone else. People not slowing down for school zones, people who run red lights or stop signs, reckless driving (and there are a ton of them out there, including people who are on this board who consistently brag about drag racing others on the street). I would like to see these people heavily fined, as they're blatantly ignoring laws that could have very severe repercussions.