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bought mine from autoanything. They had a 20% off deal, and installed it this weekend. put about 200 miles on it so far.

I could not for the life of me install the second mounting screw. The one in the corner is easy since you can access it from the top, but that second one is inside its little cave, barely accessible. The screws that came with it were barely longer than the rubber gromet and couldn't grab the hole. The screw in the corner I just used the one to mount the OEM filter housing, and gave up on the second one, so hopefully nothing bad comes from that.

For connection to the throttle body, I attached the rubber adapter to the tube first, then worked it onto the throttle body, instead of the other way around the instructions say. Just had to make sure the notch in the adapter lines up with the throttle body's nub.

The screws mounting the MAF sensor were also very short. I had to skip the locking washers or the screw wouldn't reach the hole.

The seal from the housing to the tube out the back seems very weak. Just plastic on plastic, with 2 screws holding it together. The holes also didn't line up very well. that probably should have come with some foam sealer.

Other than that, with my PE, it sounds great. My exhaust is a little louder and deeper, but above 3K, the intake overtakes the exhaust note in the cabin.
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