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Originally Posted by Viktimize View Post
<snip>Ticketing based on a speed limit directly opposes those 2 purposes, because speeding has been proven time and time again to not be a factor in causation of accidents. And speed limits directly hinder smooth traffic flow.
Not entirely correct; It is a combination of inattention / driver distraction / driver impairment / inexperience and speed that cause collisions and crashes.

Remember, though, that the higher the speed, the less time you have to react. The average perception/reaction time for humans is 1.5seconds - for driving, we can break that down to 0.75s to perceive "trouble" and 0.75s to react to it; the higher the speed, the further you will have traveled in that 1.5 seconds. This of course can translate into a more severe crash/collision when something might have been avoidable all together.

(Yes, many other factors come into play (environmental / driver / vehicle condition(s)), but suffice it to say that speed is a factor... (though never the sole factor))

Your 2nd point is nonsensical. Are you suggesting that an absence of speed limits would reduce congestion?