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Advise? Bad Luck with Fishcake Depo

so here is the story, I bought Depo V2 from fishcake on ebay, found out that the driver's side headlight was not adjustable and there are also micro fracture lines inside the lens, I contacted fishcake for the problems, and went back to my installer for fix as instructed, still not perfect, and nothing much they can do.

So after going back and forth with fishcake a little, still no final agreement yet since he only replies messages once a day almost. then i did not hear from him for a couple of days, I went ahead and opened up a paypal case as it was approaching 45 days deadline since the original purchase. Apparently he's on a business trip or something, but he got a little upset because I filed a dispute on paypal.

I m really not sure how their company is structured and that is not my problem, but now both their accountant (paypal contact) and fishcake (ebay) are saying that I have to close my dispute before they can send me a replacement, reason being that paypal is holding their money.

to my understanding, if I close the dispute then they are not really not responsible for sending me anything, otherwise they could ve being nice, and I will have no protection at all and I can not reopen the case in the future.

what do you think I should do? if i ask for refund then re-purchase again, I probably will have to spend money to take off the headlights and put back my halogen for now, then pay to install em again later, I will be spending like extra $150 on the labor.

Or can i trust them and close the dispute (too many horrible scam stories on the internet).. and wait for replacement?