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Originally Posted by E90ice View Post

And it's funny how all these people that ordered first, when Vishnu posted the link by "mistake" 2 hours before the release date, they are the ones talking crap about everybody else and defending Shiv.

I'm just curious if Slfgator, for example, whould give up his spot to me, since he ordered among the first and is in no rush to receive his V2.
Huh? Not me. No one is happy about the delay and I do wish they would provide more info (which they seem to have been doing lately). The Vishnu support forum is like a ghost's not till I post here do I get an answer. On the other hand, I know they are extremely busy and doing their best to get the product out and to support their existing customers. They just can't win....if you give hard dates on a release and something goes wrong they didn't anticipate..they lose. If they stay quiet until the product is ready...they lose.

Secondly, I don't buy this blacklisted stuff. Except for Terry, of course. I don't see Vishnu refusing to sell a product because of some negativity.

Lastly, I think Vishnu is being smart by not divulging too much info about the release. With all the copycats out there, you don't want someone taking your idea before you even release it! He's been burned once before because of this. 'Nuff said.