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Originally Posted by HyperM3 View Post
Wuddya mean I have to wait 3 months for you to build my car? You are a dealership and should have them on the lot RIGHT NOW! So wait, you are charging my card a deposit to place the order and secure my price but I wont ACTUALLY be driving something for a few months?

How many of you really went through the above when you were getting your car? How many of you really felt that way? Its a 40k+ car that you had no problem waiting 3-5 months for so whats the big deal of $150 out of your pocket for 1-2 months?

I think some people just like to find things to complain about and try to get others to follow. Dont you have something better to do? Go out and play ball with your kid. If you are a kid, go play ball with your dad.
I usually agree with you but on this point I have to disagree. When BMW dealership not BMW NA charges you $1k this is about 2% of your car cost and that is to show good faith (IMO) that you are serious about your purchase befor ethey build a UNIQUE vehicle for YOU. If Shiv wants to cahrge 2% or about $25 then I think there would be less complaints. When BMW tells you YOUR car is scheduled for build on whatever week....IT IS!! You can EXPECT IT about 4-5 weeks later including shipping. Also, those of us still deciding on when to purchase Procede are becoming reluctant to buy a product from someone that does not seem to provide quality support or timely info or whatever. He really needs to shape up his business if he wants to make even more money. It seems he is content with his profits now and is not serious about making it REALLY BIG. He has a HUGE opportunity that he is sqaundering by making many people pissed off.

Why not develop everything under wraps and in as much secrecy and then when your are ready for prime time make them available. NO DELAYS and no BS about production changes etc. The delays and BS makes him be PERCIEVED as unprofessional and disorganized.....Then,.....PERCEPTION IS REALITY. If he did more prep up front and less hype he would have more satisfied people.

Just my .02