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Originally Posted by WhiteFury View Post
I just picked up my BMW 335 I last week and it hasn't had an oil change since 44k and I got the car at 62k. Will this oil be my best bet?

Also for my AT tranny fluid should
I use royal purple synchromax, royal purple max ATF. I also going castrol transmax.
Oooohh I didn't know Castrol Syntec had a 0w-40 with BMW LL01. That is definitely a good choice. I would want to get that too because in the summer, I burn a lot of oil and my theory is that my 0W-30 thins too much after a long hot drive.

For ATF, it is a bit tricky. BMW does not recommend using aftermarket oil, and recommend using the ZF oil, Shell M-1375.4, which you can get at a Land Rover dealer. You need to research the corresponding part number. This is what I did 20k miles ago.