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Originally Posted by MBMWTECH View Post
Id have to agree with you - I think many people are afraid to say anything negative about vishnu fearing they might be "black listed" and will never receive their v2. Its about business here and clearly there is a problem with the way vishnu does it. I have nothing but for shiv and what he does but It doesnt take but a few seconds to keep your customers updated with information. once again its not about the delay but about the lack of communication and information about the v2 release. (no "revised" release date, no dyno numbers, basically no information - just speculation) we need some hard information.

Has Vishnnu's PROcede v2.0 been released..?

There is a delay, correct? So is that why are all these 12 year olds crying and whinning..? :sad0147:

People are so enamered with PROcede 1.47 that their complaining that the V2.0 was delayed? Meaning THEY have to WAIT? I understand some were errantly charged, yet the product wasn't shipped, but wasn't that resolved?

So, as of Sept 29th, where is there a reasoning behind all the complaining/bitching/whining or the lack of self controlled "I am a 12 year old" style of posts comming from..?

It is not as if your car is broken, or that your current software(PROcede1.47) isn't what you purchased or hasn't been supported. This is a new product... thats been delayed.

Deal with it!