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Are you guys not looking at the performance curves? This new M3 is going to feel a lot faster in every respect. Its lighter, therefore will typically accelerate and change direction better, it offers a little more horsepower, but a big improvement in power:weight ratio, which is a far more relevant value than peak hp and a lot more torque. Most important, the torque starts from way down in the rev range, so whereas the old M cars went like stink above 5000 rpm, but didn't feel particularly fast otherwise, this new M is going to go like a scalded cat from anywhere in its considerable rev range.

Look at the increase in the area under the torque curve. Its massive!

Judging by the performance curves, this new M is going to be freaking dynamite and a LOT more dynamic than the current E9x M3. What's not to like? Lame? Anything but!