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To be honest I wasn't too keen on this when I first heard about it, the engine in the M5\M6 was slightly disappointing for me, yes it had more power\torque but none of the drama or excitement of the previous gen V10 and I thought this new M3\M4 with it's move to turbo power would be the same and a lazy move by BMW, lump a tuned 35i engine in it and the jobs a good un.

However I have to admit after reading the full technical details to being wrong, they have completely redesigned this engine, it is an all new alloy block which features a chargecooler to feed it cold dense air, it has over 100lbs more torque then the old engine AND it revs to 7500rpm which is pretty impressive for a turbo engine. People moaning about just a 16bhp increase are missing the picture, if the specs are anything to go by this engine will be immense and comparing it to a tuned 335i is a bit of a joke to be honest. Add to that the fact that this new version will be 80kgs lighter than the outgoing model and I don't think the old M3, let alone a tuned 335i will see which way this went. Can't wait for this to be released now, I reckon it's going to be epic.