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I actually didn't realize there are TWO very similar threads started on this site by the same OP with the same material; the "other" thread only at 11 pages but divergent with mostly different types of posts.

Anywho, I followed Dracon's posts #265 and #266 and installed a 2011 GSM TCU, 2011 FZD with mic, plus requisite supporting components. Simply repowering the vehicle with no programming whatsoever I got telephone, voice recognition, and Bluetooth running and was able to pair my phone and make/receive calls, but the mic is not working.

I've read about many experiencing non-functioning mics requiring wiring/connection modifications, but it seems this is for MULF-only Bluetooth retrofits.

My US non-iDrive 2008 335i has 640A Telephone prep and 6FLA USB/Audio Interface, meaning it already has a MULF with Bluetooth. I believe this is the source of the mic issue and hopefully should be fixed with proper programming.

But I've never coded any VO's before; just registered a new battery with the same specs.

I am assuming I need to add VO $639 to CAS and NFRM, but do I need to manually remove VO $644? Are there any other modules I need to code? I've read and watched the 2RAD being coded, but this appears to be with MULF-only retrofits so I don't know if this is necessary for TCU retrofits.

Do I need to do any other coding and/or SG_RESET? And if so, what are those actual steps; remember, I'm a noob so I need explicit instructions!