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Originally Posted by Augster View Post
If you read the original post, it clearly states that an FZD and TCU is the only way for US vehicles. Of course, it was only after I bought the FZD, TCU and more thorough reading of the individual posts (but only because I was specifically looking for mic-related issues and coding guidance) that I was able to piece together that if the E90 already had the USB/Audio Interface package it should already have a Bluetooth equipped MULF.

Eh, it's done and the TCU and FZD are in place. They were both from salvaged vehicles and $125 for the TCU and $125 for the FZD, with the FZD already coming with the mic.

I am assuming that with the 640A telephone prep package, that installing the FZD, TCU and proper programming is all that would be necessary with no "rewiring" of the mic necessary; you would "think" that's what BMW designed in order to make it as easy as possible for their techs in retrofits, and their technical instruction bulletin detailing the procedures for retrofitting a TCU into a SA640A E9x corroborate that. Of course, this may not at all be the case...

Anywho, I want to start with programming first before I start hacking into connector pin-outs.
Have you seen their retrofit guides though? The difference between repinning the mic and not repinning it is like, two minutes tops when you have perfect, explicit step-by-step instructions

Unfortunately it's a PITA when you don't know whether or not you have to do it in the first place.