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Originally Posted by VP Electricity View Post
I have not heard this kit (I have one here for testing, and I've test-fit it, but I haven't fired it up). However, I have two warnings about it:

- I would NOT put it into an E92/E93. It would require modification to the window track to fit.

- The low power rating is not just about the speaker motor's electrical capability. The passive crossovers use very small iron-core inductors to fit into the wiring heat-shrink. This means that above a certain voltage, the inductor will start to change its value and the crossover will actually "creep" on you. The passives on this kit are fundamentally different in quality than the standard passive in a Focal $600+ speaker.

I believe that they spec a 40W max? If you have a 40W amp that you want to run these on...
Nope just putting more options out there. But given the way these are setup id say they are more for someone who just wants to change out the stock speakers without doing major surgery.