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Originally Posted by Obioban View Post

I war responding to "But what you said today, about the F30 vs IS and ATS, well it's less about BMW and more about the competency of the competition."

I have lots of experience with the new cars. I've had them as loaners and have a friend that works at the local dealership, so I routinely borrow all of their new cars to play with.
Ah, the old cliche I drove the loaners...

I am talking about plopping down money to own a car for 5 years.

When you go and drive a C250/350, an A4, G37/Q50, IS250/350 and ATS 3.6/2.0, you MAY find a couple that steer better, or a couple that have a bit less body roll. But I don't buy a steering rack, I don't buy struts and swaybars, I buy a car that is the best all around package.

The F30 is still the benchmark for the segment for best all around car. I don't care about what someone is paid to write, I care about MY money and buying the best car.

I have driven some TERRIBLE F30s as loaner. Xdrive soft cars with terrible steering and handling, 335 RWD Sports with terrible brakes-heavy front ends that dont seem to want to change direction as well as the 328s, horrible square all seasons, BASE cars with flat seats and floaty suspensions.

But drive an MSport with staggered summer tires and a nice manual transmission and it's quite a bit better. Perfect? No. I like a bit more steering feedback and heft, things I got with lighter wheels, non RFTs and lowering springs.

So who cares if the IS and ATS have SLIGHTLY better steering or a bit less body roll than with the 3 series. But in return with the 3-you get better drivetrains(a BMW hallmark), impressive fuel economy(N20 or N55), best in class acceleration(breaking into the 13's with a 328!!!), nice ergonomic interior, more cabin space-rear legroom-trunk space, Damn good looks with the MSport....and so on, the WHOLE package, BMW still has it.

It's like dating vs who you marry. You don't marry a pair of tits. You marry the whole package.

Not talking as a fanboi I assure you, not a BMW or F30 fanboi. But I know the old cars and new cars and there is a LOT to like about both.

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