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We all have love for the same veh i look at guys on here like family in the sense you gotta be able to take the shit people say and run with it. (yea some guys are more douchebag than others) but sometimes it helps to get that reality check

I don't think one person on here would steer you wrong. If i saw your car in person i would say bro that looks like SHIT. don't take it personal but it is what it is take the critisism for what it is. if you don't want it don't post thats how i look at it

now on to what i think looks bad

headlights - I saw these on EBAY they are cheap but they look horrible get a set of DEPO headlights (SAVE UP FOR EM IF YOU CANT AFFORD IT)

Carbon fiber hood! paint it it looks horrible on this car color it looks like the car was in a wreck and someone left a body panel unpainted Carbon fiber is a sporty accent and needs to be placed on a sporty color ie (Black, red, orange, yellow white ect) your car looks bronze or champagn thats a LUXRY color)

wheels idk how i feel about them being black on that car brushed metal would look great or even gunmetal would look better than all black

those fucking stripes on the side dude thats tacky as hell man it just draws your eye away from the car and thats not what you want to do. It's like looknig at the mona lisa and there is a red paint blotch in the corner u just look and say WTF!

other than that your car is good what ever mods you plan on doing just save up 90% of the guys on here saved up and did mods little by little. SO age ain't an issue if you have a job in fact the younger the better b/cuz u prob still have support from your parents + less bills = more mod money
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