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Originally Posted by MI6 View Post

How much you wanna bet if you posted a current pic of a 2007 Black 335i sedan that hadn't been washed in 2 months and then take the pictures in dull weather and called THAT the facelifted model everyone would be saying how ugly it is, or how it looks like a this or that..

Fact is there's too much camo still on it to tell. My bet is that once the camo comes off, the car will look more agressive and have more detail to it than the current model. The 3-series is BMW's bread and butter model. They won't and can't afford to screw it up.......

Funny how most of the negative comments came from owners of the current E90 sedan. I can't blame you though for feeling that or two years into ownership and BMW releases a facelift. Ouch.