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Originally Posted by mmurray View Post
Here's a question for all you guys in the Northeast who have probably run with NJ CCA a bunch of times... what's the best recommended routine for pre-event tech? I got the form from but just want to make sure everything's sorted, especially lines 13-18.

I have jacks and will be putting the car up to flush/ replace the brake fluid this week, and am not too unfamiliar with the car, but want to make sure I'm properly vetting the required bits. Any quick tips/ guidance for testing if I can get under and poke around myself? Specifically around OK'ing mounts/bearings/ non obvious visual stuff. Thanks
First of all, good call thinking about this form. The tech inspector for NJ takes the form very seriously, more so than any other chapter/ group I know of. Check each line item and check it off individually. Just use common sense to check the items. When in doubt have the car looked at by a shop. Some dealers/ shops will do the inspection for free or for a nominal fee.

Other than the brakes I would eyeball and put a hand on the specified parts to check for looseness or play. Keep in mind that some of these items are problem areas for other models (i.e. subframe on E30 and E36). Regarding brakes, besides flushing the fluid (high quality, high temp fluid (ATE200 at the least)), I would err on the conservative side regarding pad thickness. Depending on your level of aggressiveness, you could swap hotter pads and not worry about it. If you're sticking with stock pads, a spare set is not a bad idea.