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Originally Posted by ethok View Post
I am new to this forum. My issue is my front passenger side low beam was out (2007, 328i). It had the stock headlamp housing from Valeo. The headlamp was fine except that the wires were kind of exposed. I replaced the headlamp assembly with an aftermarket product. Still the front passenger side low beam will not turn on. So I think the issue is with my FRM. Is it possible that FRM had anticipated the short circuit in the stock headlamp assembly and cut off the power? SO it is still thinking I have the stock one?

Or it is possible that I need to replace my FRM.

Sorry for my ignorance, but some questions come to my mind.

1) where is the FRM located?
2) How i check whether it is damaged or it just need to be recoded.
3) How do i do the recoding?
4) If i have to buy a new FRM, which model/part number should i get?

Please help me
i need help with resetting the FRM as well.. if you guys can help id appreciate it!