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Originally Posted by 533ogetnom View Post
so let me ask you something, which of the promised free upgrades that were part of v1 have you received? they have not fulfilled their commitment with v1, v2 is a substitute for what they failed to provide with v1

and this is only if you consider it to not be part of the un specified (as opposed to the specified ones we never received) free upgrades meant to come with v1, which i consider it anyway

anyway you look at it its BS

and when you purchased xp, you purchased sp1, and sp2 and all upgrades and updates all of which increased the performance of the operating system, so your analogy is retarded, vista is a totally different product, v2 is not
please cancel your order already. you're making me sympathize with Vishnu.

However, i agree his analogy about Windows isnt the best. BUT if you consider microsoft products such as SQL Server or .NET technology you will realize that what Vishnu is doing is not odd at all. Basically Microsoft markets a list of 10 features and the set date X for release. Date X passes usually without a word from Microsoft. Then when X+1 year comes they will release a product with 1/10 features. in 5-8 years they manage to add 7/10 of these features AND they make you pay for them too in upgrades. So in a sense you are paying for that 10 features multiple times + you are delayed.

i dont want to sound offensive to you or anything but most of us do not like too much drama. We all understand your concerns and most of us have the same concerns, but I personally am tired of reading the same thing over and over again.

i dont want to shut u up or anything, but it'd be the cool thing to do to be a bit more patient.