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Dont you think you've made it clear enough? I think people stop listening after awhile but what your doing makes no sense at all by repeating yourself a million times in different threads the only thing it is doing is making you look very childish and stupid. Nobody cares about whats going on, they only care about the outcome of the product itself and how it performs on their cars... it can take months on delays as long as there are no problems when installed on somebodys vehicle, especially a 45k car. As long as that is ok, nobody cares about delays and broken promises. just give up already and stop hating on Vishnu. HATER!!
no because people keep calling me "stupid" and "childish" when i have many legitamate complaints

and just for voicing those complaints i get immediately harrased (not talking about now im talking about when i initially spoke out) for saying anything bad about the great shiv and vishnutuning, whos in the wrong i wonder?

because its not me