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Smile Custom Trunk Mount Install of Meth Kit

Do to issues with Vishnu and there methanol kit significantly lacking, I moved to the JB4 w/ FSB, a Devils own pump and solenoid and a ER Racing Chargepipe and two CM7 nozzles. When the remaining parts coming in, I'll post more photos.

Figured I'd share some photos of the meth kit we are installing on my car. I wanted a fully stealth setup and that is what this will be. The pump and tank are being fitted under the rear carpet. Here is the test fitting and install so far. I'll update this post with more photos as things come together! And the pics were taken quickly while we worked. When its all done I'll take some HD pics with my DSLR!

The Parts:
- Vishnu PWM Meth Kit
- Howerton Engineering Aquamist Metric to Standard Conversion Adapaters
- 4AN Stainless Steel Lines
- Advan Performance In-Boot Tank
- A steel box (12x8 lockbox from Amazon)
- Random other parts include screws, zip ties, a cable loom and some creativity to make things fit!

The location

Hole cut and pump box being test fitted

Tank and Pump Box

Test fitting pump in the pump box with tank line

Under the car


Car: 2011 BMW 335i xDrive
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