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Originally Posted by Dan-danGT View Post
...My question is about meth because I took the car to Germany (nurburgring) two moths ago, I have a snap on diagnostic machine as I work on hgv's so I use tools and diagnostics equiptment a lot! Well while there my intake temp got to around 100c and coolant temp reached 112c which i think is very hot.

Does meth reduce intake temps a lot? I'm after personal experiences with this. I have found a devils own fit I might buy and fit. Is it easy to fit is it safe? What sort of power increase have you seen? ...
A poster named TDIwyse is our data collection expert (g*d) here. He posts more often on another forum. Here is a link to a post he did on intake air temps with/without meth/h2o:

The entire thread is incredibly informative (but not qutie so much to a UK guy with DPF delete, as there's a lot on dpf/regen).