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Originally Posted by late apex View Post
Some people are exaggerating the active sound. You really can't even tell because it's the actual sound of the engine simply enhancing the sound coming from the engine bay. It's not like you turn a corner, step on the gas, and all of a sudden you hear the sound of a Ferrari V12! I do think BMW should have add an option within Idrive to turn off Active Sound, although 9 out of 10 drivers would probably just leave it on. It enhances the driving experience, the refined cabin mutes the sounds you don't want while active sound allows you to hear the sounds you DO want. I also like how when listening to B&O system loud, you can never tell there's any "engine noise" coming through the speakers distorting your sound. Quite clever system IMO. I thought Active Sound was step backwards for BMW until I got my M6 and now see how it's implemented. I haven't noticed a "fake" engine sound while driving.
I can see this being true what you said. how you cant really tell. its more of the principal to many people.

i don't understand how they couldn't enhance the cabin with natural engine noise though.

cant say i have never heard anyone say a stock E92 m3 or E60 m5 was to loud from factory or allot of times to quiet (engine wise not exhaust) . what happen that made BMW HAVE to use this system ? was it maybe this new FI engines were not producing the sound BMW wanted? were the old engines just more vocal by nature ?