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Originally Posted by Ezio View Post
I can see this being true what you said. how you cant really tell. its more of the principal to many people.

i don't understand how they couldn't enhance the cabin with natural engine noise though.

cant say i have never heard anyone say a stock E92 m3 or E60 m5 was to loud from factory or allot of times to quiet (engine wise not exhaust) . what happen that made BMW HAVE to use this system ? was it maybe this new FI engines were not producing the sound BMW wanted? were the old engines just more vocal by nature ?
That is a by-product of forced induction, a quieted exhaust note as some of the exhaust gasses are being recycled to spin the turbos, which are natural "mufflers". Of course, the solution is make the post-turbo exhaust more open, but that can produce too many "uncouth" noises which isn't premium. The market demands premium vehicles, which are utterly silent, because that's what luxury is all about, right?
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