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Originally Posted by Ginger_Extract View Post
That is a by-product of forced induction, a quieted exhaust note as some of the exhaust gasses are being recycled to spin the turbos, which are natural "mufflers". Of course, the solution is make the post-turbo exhaust more open, but that can produce too many "uncouth" noises which isn't premium. The market demands premium vehicles, which are utterly silent, because that's what luxury is all about, right?
makes sense ,and i have heard of turbos acting as mufflers before.

Ya i these M cars are made to be classy, and sporty. i get the part where they want the exhaust to be fine tuned.

i wouldn't say premium = utterly silent though. kind of depends on the premium car. i mean a Audi R8 V10 is most likely going to scream somewhat