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Sorry to interrupt, but ten v2 upgrade kits are shipping out today. Managed to redesign the circuitry for minimal power consumption (for late-production cars that don't have the swiched power fuse). Current draw of the v2 harness is now just ~150mA which is about the same as the PROcede itself. Both the PROcede and v2 harness will draw approx 300mA which means total power consuption (for the entire car in "sleep mode") rises from 0.60 amps to 0.90 amps. So there should be no issues with battery drainage, even after extended park times.

Those which have the switched powered fuse next to the ECU can use it to power both the PROcede and the v2 harness. No need to use the big constant-on 50amp fuse. Unless you really want to, of course.

Installation instructions and software downloads should be up on our PROcede support forum before any kits arrive at doorsteps.

We aim to ship out another 10-15 units on Thursday.