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Originally Posted by Viktimize View Post
Why would this make you assume it is flooded? If you just had the ECU unplugged, and now it won't start, my guess off the top of my head would be something was not hooked up correctly and now you're lacking either fuel or spark.
I may have left this out. I tried to crank it like 12 times testing pin configurations. pins 21 and 22 on the n52 are empty and I was trying those. It started at one point but ran really rough so I turned it off immediately. I was told the continuous attempts to start the car could have flooded it. I only took out 2 pins from the dme and they are back in the right spot but it still won't start. Can't figure it out.

these are my codes

DME,DME Number: 07602220
2A31,4,Valvetronic, eccentric shaft sensor: guide
2A32,4,Valvetronic, eccentric shaft sensor: reference
2CF9,1,Throttle-valve potentiometer 1
2CFA,2,Throttle-valve potentiometer 2
2A47,8,Valvetronic, eccentric shaft sensor: plausibility
2D09,4,Throttle valve
2A85,4,Exhaust VANOS, activation
2AA9,4,Variable intake system, servomotor 2: activation
2A9A,1,Camshaft sensor, inlet, signal
2E84,4,Electric coolant pump, communication

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