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Originally Posted by rich123321
Originally Posted by mapleridge
I don't know. There is complete radio silence on this. Shiv said he was looking for testers and I know one member went for sure to do the testing. He hasn't said much since. Even if it comes out, we will always be second or third in line for service after n54 and n55 crews. He posts reveals and data on things he is testing for the n54 crowd. I pm'd him twice and no response. I know he's busy but......this doesn't look too promising. I hope im wrong.
Lol it's too good to be true. Vishnu lost a good sales opportunity on this. Especially considering that they don't have to pay extra for different hardware all we would be paying them for was their extra effort for adding another engine to the support
I hope this isn't a lost cause... I know I'd buy one ASAP, as well as a few people on here. Guess we aren't worth it
No more E92