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Originally Posted by VP Electricity View Post
Fooljam is partly right. The JL amp is the weakest part of the systems.


1) It's 9 million times better than stock amps

2) The differences between amps are compressed into a much tighter window than the differences between speakers.

We have no problem acknowledging that the XD amps are not as high-performance as, say, the Arc Mini series (which is not Class D). But there aren't many 6-channel options, and the XD doesn't suck. It just doesnt' sound as good as a $800 or $1000 6-channel amp that's bigger.
I agree that he is right. There is a difference in quality, but how much of a difference in quality is the question. I highly doubt the average person could tell the difference between an entry level amp and a high end amp with the same power rating. I think it would even be difficult for an audiophile to hear the difference between the two.