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Originally Posted by mapleridge View Post
I may have left this out. I tried to crank it like 12 times testing pin configurations. pins 21 and 22 on the n52 are empty and I was trying those. It started at one point but ran really rough so I turned it off immediately. I was told the continuous attempts to start the car could have flooded it. I only took out 2 pins from the dme and they are back in the right spot but it still won't start. Can't figure it out.

these are my codes

DME,DME Number: 07602220
2A31,4,Valvetronic, eccentric shaft sensor: guide
2A32,4,Valvetronic, eccentric shaft sensor: reference
2CF9,1,Throttle-valve potentiometer 1
2CFA,2,Throttle-valve potentiometer 2
2A47,8,Valvetronic, eccentric shaft sensor: plausibility
2D09,4,Throttle valve
2A85,4,Exhaust VANOS, activation
2AA9,4,Variable intake system, servomotor 2: activation
2A9A,1,Camshaft sensor, inlet, signal
2E84,4,Electric coolant pump, communication

Hard to say, but those codes are probably to do with you pulling pins out and messing around, so I would try clearing them. If you were just cranking and not starting, and you never pulled the fuel pump fuse, then yes you could be flooded.