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Originally Posted by bmw325i View Post
I agree that he is right. There is a difference in quality, but how much of a difference in quality is the question. I highly doubt the average person could tell the difference between an entry level amp and a high end amp with the same power rating. I think it would even be difficult for an audiophile to hear the difference between the two.
I had a few amps in my car and you would be surprised to hear how much details you are missing between a XD600/6 and the Soundstream STL6.620 that I currently have.

The STL6.620 is a cheap amp compared to the 600/6, but the sound quality is superior to a 600/6. But it is a class AB amp.

I ran them minutes from each other, once the STL fired up, the missing details popped up through my ears that was an experience I am telling you. You are literally like:
"Woa, I never heard this instrument before in that tune, what the hell?"

Oh yeah, anyone can tell the difference. It is that obvious, period. And this STL6.620 still provides a pretty low power output. My speakers could take twice as much power as they are currently getting.