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Originally Posted by Nic320si View Post
Hi guys!

Now I can jump onboard with the engine/starter-problem.

I had my car under a month, it has covered 1.400km and today the problem showed itself.

I went to the gym, and when I came out an hour later the car sounded like it was only running on 3 cylinders, also it smelled alot of gasoline.

I called BMW Mobility care and they said that it sounded like a broken injectorvalve.
They will come and get the car tomorrow morning and bring me a loaner.

Even though this has happened I LOVE the car.
It handles so well. One of the best cars I have ever driven

Hope that BMW Denmark will do a better job than what you have experienced.
I will keep you updated
Hi Nic exactly the same symptom as my own (felt like 3 pots running at idle) read back through the pages and show them photos of the throttle potentiometer body that cured my problem. Glad your enjoying the handling (I've found the car points better with an extra 2-3 psi in the front tyres).

Sitr, sorry for not answering you - yes all still ok, hope your dealer sorts your starting /idle issues. keep us informed.