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Get em!
Can't, I have E90. I don't think I could bring my self to putting that much money into headlights at this point with this car anyway. I made up my mind after putting 20K+ into an Audi and not getting shit back out of it to not drop crazy money on mods ever again. At a certain point it starts to make more sense to just get a better car from the factory so you at least have some resale value. I have the bolt ons that matter now and they were cheap enough and easy enough to put back to stock that I am ok with it. Unfortunately I am seriously unhappy with the bushings on this thing and now I am trying to decide if I want to drop the money for a full suspension upgrade (including upgraded bushings / control arms all around) and LSD. If I do I will IMO have to keep the car for 4 - 5 years to make it worth the investment. Not to mention if I do that and keep it that long a set of RBs will definitely be in the future as well so now were adding another 4k or so. That will end up being a total of ~15k in mods to a car I only paid 24k for. So now I am trying to decide if I wanna make the commitment or look into getting rid of it and going with something I can be happy with the way it comes like a used cayman s or m3 but driving it the way it is now for the next couple years is not an option. That new vet coming out looks very tempting also
"And just one question I might ask yah, and it might sound like A disaster, can you make this thing go faster?"