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Originally Posted by deathbunny
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Get em!
Can't, I have E90. I don't think I could bring my self to putting that much money into headlights at this point with this car anyway. I made up my mind after putting 20K+ into an Audi and not getting shit back out of it to not drop crazy money on mods ever again. At a certain point it starts to make more sense to just get a better car from the factory so you at least have some resale value. I have the bolt ons that matter now and they were cheap enough and easy enough to put back to stock that I am ok with it. Unfortunately I am seriously unhappy with the bushings on this thing and now I am trying to decide if I want to drop the money for a full suspension upgrade (including upgraded bushings / control arms all around) and LSD. If I do I will IMO have to keep the car for 4 - 5 years to make it worth the investment. Not to mention if I do that and keep it that long a set of RBs will definitely be in the future as well so now were adding another 4k or so. That will end up being a total of ~15k in mods to a car I only paid 24k for. So now I am trying to decide if I wanna make the commitment or look into getting rid of it and going with something I can be happy with the way it comes like a used cayman s or m3 but driving it the way it is now for the next couple years is not an option. That new vet coming out looks very tempting also
Get the subframe bushings and toe arms and call it a day DB. Should get rid of all that unpredictable waggle you get on hard acceleration and you'll be out the door under $1k installed

Edit: "Most" of that rear waggle. I'm about to do those first. Parts just came in and instal next week. Feel free to stop by and give the car a test drive or ride shotgun and see the difference.
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