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Originally Posted by driverman View Post

If you have a light colored car AND you use good technique AND you wash your car regularly AND you wash your car cover regularly AND you get your car detailed regularly AND you don't mind minor imperfections in your paint, you'll probably be fine.
I do this. TiAg helps.

The car is parked outside and nearby trees, so I like the extra protection of the cover. Typically I only cover when the wind forecast is over 20 or there is a storm nearby, so a maybe once a week? I usually can plan to wash beforehand.

It takes me +/- 2 minutes to install and remove. Folds right into the bag and the trunk. OEM outdoor cover - kinda snug fitment, so the corners will pull and scratch if there is crud under them.

In the end, it's a 7-yo daily driver and not a showcar....a super fun, surprisingly efficient, understated and classy one to be sure....but a couple fine scratches to touch up later on wont burn my biscuits.

If you want it to stay perfect-nice, garage it