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Originally Posted by roadkillrob View Post
Very few people have every had an issue with the hardtop - mine is 6 years old and still works like a top.

Once the top is down, the E93 is just plain better in every way, park it beside a coupe and no one will even notice the coupe!.

It is a heavier car, but much hotter lighter women will ride with you so it really evens out the weight compared to all the coupe dudes driving around with the fat dude passenger friends.

Seriously though, once I had a convertible, could never go back to a coupe - the hardtop makes all the typically soft top issue go away, it works great in poor weather, is quiet when up and so much fun when down. With the cold weather package the windscreen I will drive with the top down as low as 40 degrees around town and down to 45-50 on the highway with no issues getting cold!