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BO is above that because they think he is their messiah. It more about defending their figure head than an honest analysis of his actions. The very thing that his defenders "wah wah'd" about George W. Bush is being done by their guy and they turn a blind eye. One word GITMO. Need another?.. NSA.

Only when the people realize politics is a meaningful/purposeful division of the American people to rob them of their money and redistribute wealth (not to the poor, but the very rich politicians), regardless of which side of the isle, will things change.
Hope and change was code for the redistribution for wealth to the 99%, without earning it.
Fact, the poor has grown exponentially over the past 6 yrs, the middle class is shrinking and will see increased taxation through government mandated health care and the rich politicians have prospered beyond your imagination.

Stick your head in the sand, because you're blue and the other is red, or you're white and the other is black, or you're pro-life and the other is pro-choice, pro 2nd Amendment or pro gun control etc.

All just EXCUSES not not do the people's business.
Just keep the checks rolling in to your favorite color, blue or red.

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