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Got the same 3 lights and same codes. I ordered a new unit from BMW of Minn. Best price I have found to include Tischer. The write up and pictures are excellent. A couple of things to note. The ABS unit has 3 10 mm bolts that hold the unit in place. 2 are very visible and one is under the electrical harness which you need to remove to gain access. Don't drop them as they are hard to retrive. I used a magnet to remove and install them so I could not drop them. I also used the vacuum caps and found out that the lines are two different diameters so I lost a couple caps that feel into the area under the ABS area. The lines are all 11 mm so I used an 11 mm flare wrench to tighten and break the lines free but to get them loose and tightened some a regular open ended wrench worked just fine.
It is funny how the replacement unit plugs for the new unit were all over the place 10 mm, 11 mm and 12 mm but the existing lines mounted up just fine. When bleeding the brakes the rears use a 9 mm boxed end wrench and the fronts use a 12 mm.
Other than that the unit came out with little issue (once I removed the 3rd 10 mm nut) and reinstalling had to wiggle it in there and lined up.
Hope this helps someone else. After installing it I still had the lights until I cleared them with my CarSoft software...