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Originally Posted by Casca View Post
2006 325i 6MT purchased with 57k miles on it and a 1 year warranty that I never used. Now have over 115k miles on it and the only "breakdown" I have had was 3 random coilpacks going bad 15K to 20K miles after I should have already replaced them After the 3rd one, I just replaced the rest as well and carry 1 in the trunk. Other than that (which I don't count because they far outlast their life), fluid changes, wear part changes and elective work for mods. This has actually been a very reliable car and I hammer the shit out of it. Still running strong and feels good driving. Issue that is coming up is the steering wheel lock, but I think it's been figured out and I'll be able to handle it for very little $$. Also found good deals to do the flywheel and clutch, so doing that as well as all the wheel bearings and seals (I don't have any leak....maybe small seeps..but no leaks that requires attention. All the bearings are fine, but are well over their expected life). Can probably keep going with the original clutch, but it's slipping and weak on getting up to speed. Parts for it is not much worse for $$ than other cars, maybe even less expensive. Also replaced the waterpump and thermostat at 112k miles, which is also over it's expected life. When I changed it out, only the thermostat was bad. Who knows, maybe the waterpump could have gone to 200k+.
the steering wheel lock needs a new column. the software fix rarely solves it. But you can score a used column from an 08+ (the ones that have no lock on em) on ebay for a few hundred, vs the dealer which was 500$+. Also the lock issue comes up if you have a weak battery, so that might be worth checking out before you consider a new column.