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Originally Posted by will.c View Post
I heard R888s heat cycle out rather quickly. Like they become useless before tread wears out. Are you okay with that?
It's true, they do wear down before the treads wear but you have to manage the heat cycles as well, which is why I got them properly heat cycled from the vendor (which means letting the tires rest for 24 hours after the first heat cycle to get the most use out of them). Also, different R-comps have different optimal camber settings, and running overly aggressive camber could wear the insides down too quickly.

With that said, I'm not expecting to get a 8 weekends out of them but I think 4 is realistic. I'm just getting bored with DE's these days and I realized only way it'll get exciting is if I can shave my lap times. Also even though NT's last longer, I didn't want to switch to such an aggressive compound on my first try. Want to get used to R-comps because I heard it changes everything, it's like learning how to drive a new car.

Originally Posted by Splinterz88 View Post
Looking forward to this weekend. We have a 996 gt3 cup car in blue.
Porsche hunting at it's finest!

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