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Originally Posted by Stucks View Post
lol, I run all seasons too
Yeah, but your wheels are far from 189s.

Originally Posted by CPWINCH View Post
new wheels wont really affect dyno too much. If you get larger diameter you will actually lose power (on the dyno)
Well, that sucks. I'm definitely getting 19s; have to have some show with the go. (I might get 18" TE37s if I'm able to find a car that has them in person to chheck them out)

Originally Posted by Dmacc View Post
Any ideas as to where your boost leak might be coming from? I was having a similar issue and not hitting boost till around 3k just like yourself, but it turned out to be my leaky stock dv's. Maybe vacuum lines?
I have no idea. I had my vacuum lines replaced today, so I'll double-check. I'm also putting a new CP (long version), so hopefully that'll fix a problem if it was relating to that connection.

Someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't not hitting boost until low-mid 3K more of a problem with the turbos than it is a boost leak? (Excuse the level of newbness if it's shown)