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Originally Posted by 42
Originally Posted by bbbbmw View Post
I didn't ask to play your game, but I will provide more detail:

1. Obama is taking the law into his own hands, and issuing changes as he sees fit, and bypassing Congress. The President doesn't get to choose which laws he wants to modify. (Dictators do that).
2. 60 day limit on military action - that's the law. Syria went well over that, and Obama never even consulted Congress. Dictator move.
3. Trayvon inserted the President where he didn't belong. Most Presidents stay away from that sort of thing, because it de-facto issues a policy edict that is often mis-applied by his followers. But Dictators do that.
4. No, Obama interfered in the local law enforcement case, and used the corrupted outcome to make himself look good. Dictators do this.
5. Michelle's eat healthy thing also affects funding for Federally-funded school meal programs. The kids are now throwing away the food, but the school districts can't change the menu. Dictator move.
6. Bush had program called "Operation Wide Receiver", which they conducted with the Mexican govt., and resulted in thousands of arrests. "Fast/Furious" was done under Obama, without knowledge of the Mexican govt, and resulted in a couple of arrests by the Mexicans when they figured out what was going on. Dictator.
7. If you think Obama has not served his own agenda on immigration at the expense of the law and the American people, then I can't help you.
8. NSA Spying - you must be the only person in America who thinks this is ok.
9. Do you research. Not true. Dictator.
10. Has his administration even responded to requests from Congress, for information? The answer is no.

How about a bonus round of your little game? Crushing his critics by using the IRS for his political purposes. Dictators do this also.
11. First day in office fired CEO of Grneral Motors
12. Nationalized an American company and created Goverment Motor
13. Created several Czars that were not confirmed by Congress and only answer to BO.
14. So the list goes on and on.

So go ahead and stick your head in the sand and say it isn't so. But the fact is I am not to sure he will go away in 2016. I truely believe that something will happen (manufactured or otherwise) and he will suspend th Constitution.
Don't forget
Fast n furious
And ridiculous ammo contracts to DHS
Hilaries lies
Legislating, Taxing and spending us into oblivion. No matter what happens the USA is fucked and will collapse into a police state, the communists have fulfilled all their goals on congressional record to destroy this countries greatest assets it's constitution and free people. Let's hope I am wrong