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Originally Posted by WRichieX View Post
Ok I'm a little confused. Took the car to the dealer. They said they pulled a t-stat code. But also is saying that the car is drawing power from somewhere but don't know where. Also saying that the drawing of power may be the reason that it's causing that code as well. Now they need to check each module and test, etc to find out where it's drawing power from and will be another 4 hours @ $150/hr. Does this sound right? Can someone chime in here and let me know if this is legit? If it's a t-stat, don't they just need to change that out? Or maybe it's a battery issue then just change that out? I feel like they are trying to take me for a ride.
Sorry, missed this when you posted - what did they find? I doubt it's a battery issue, mine was virtually dead a few weeks back and no errors or issues like this.

Keep us posted!
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