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hahahaha - clearly not!



Map 0: Stock bypass. This is the only map you may use the OBDII diagnostic port with. Set to map 0 before dropping off for service, using a BT, etc.
Map 1: 13psi (suggested for most stock applications)
Map 2: 14.5psi (suggested for those with downpipes and 93 octane)
Map 3: Progressive meth mapping with flow sensor failsafe. See guide to enable. Meth use isn't supported/suggested without a flow sensor and map 3.
Map 4: Stock map w/ CAN active. Allows full logging and in dash gauges on the stock mapping.
Map 5: Autotuning map. Boost ranges between 12-17psi based on your cars octane, conditions, and modifications. Fully E85 compatible. If using E85 we suggest around 30% to start. Refer to the E85 FAQ for addl info.
Map 6: User defined map generally only used for diagnostics or troubleshooting.
Map 7: Race gas map. 18.5psi peak boost on the G5 ISO. Requires straight 100-104+ RM2 octane unleaded racing fuel. The expensive stuff. We do not suggest using leaded racing fuel. To use this map with E85 requires the BMS E85 back end flash, inline booster fuel pump, and a 60% E85 mix.
Map 8: Economy / Non-Turbo map. Triggers a 3100 "reduced power mode" code while active. After switching back to a normal map you will need to restart the car for the code to clear.

1) Steering wheel controls menu attached. Note this guide is for the latest G5 board. For those using the older system refer to the FAQ for a link to the old sheet.
2) If you have an off road race car with downpipes turn autoclear on in the JB4 by selecting option 1/3. Even with autoclear enabled real codes will still throw a check engine light in dash.
3) JB4 has cold/hot oil protection built in. So expect stock like boost until oil temps are > 160 degrees. Same goes for oil temps > 280 degrees.