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Originally Posted by Defector View Post
Be VERY skeptical about pot lot financing. I would try through your bank or credit union. Also, I bought my car at carmax, and they beat my CU's rate by a half point!

The nice thing about buying at carmax they have a 5 day return policy. As a service writer, I've seen people come in with cars they bought at pot lot's that are complete shit. And now they are stuck with them. At least with a well known dealer you have a little recourse which is better then nothing.
It too has a 5 days return policy. I've look this dealer up and I've read lots of positive feedback. I def won't buy just cause and am also very weary of the mileage. But if everything checks back fine I will buy. Hoping everything has been replaced already that is typical of this mileage to go bad or wear over time.