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Originally Posted by David325Australia
i may be wrong but i believe that doing what you are asking is a high risk operation that may (not will) cause a ripple effect in the cars electrical system. it may upset a processor or 2.

you may even encounter an alignment error.

i would leave it alone because bmw engineers have created the car as a package of purpose selected and tested components.

bmw can always turn around and refuse to assist in possible warranty issues that may arise once you have modified the vehicle.

the final decision is yours of course.

all the best and i hope you get what you want and it does work trouble free.
What are you talking about? Bulbs are user changable items (yes, even xenons). How can changing the bulbs "upset a processor or 2"? What are you basing that statement on? I've changed the Xenon bulbs in my 2001 330i several times. Its just a bulb dude. Nothing complicated.

As for the 8000k xenons? They look good but they have a crappy light output. Too blue. I ended up switching back to the factory xenons which provide much more light output.